Opening Hours (1st Oct - 31st Jan) :
Monday -        10am - 4.30pm
Tuesday -        10am - 4.30pm
Wednesday -                 Closed
Thursday -      10am - 4.30pm
Friday -            10am - 4.30pm
Saturday -        10am - 4.30pm
Sunday -                        Closed
Opening Hours 1st Feb - 31st Sept :

Monday -        10am - 4.30pm
Tuesday -        10am - 4.30pm
Wednesday -                Closed
Thursday -      10am - 7.00pm
(by appointment only)
Friday -            10am - 4.30pm
Saturday -        10am - 4.30pm
Sunday -                        Closed

Saturdays are by appointment only as we like to offer our clients a personal service. 
Please call 07969015520

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